Ok, where is my logic wrong on this layout?

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14 Jul 2022, 05:08

I am new to PrimeVue and I am trying to lay out a page. Ive had a couple issues but in general Ive made some great progress. Im a little stuck now and I am hoping someone can help me and explain where my logic is wrong.

The part I am trying to lay out is in the content area of a card. I want to split it into two parts separated by a vertical divider. Each side has text fields on it. You can see a pic of the layout here:

The issue I have is with the text fields on the right side. You can see that they don't extend out like on the left side. It's weird because I am approaching the right side the with the same classes as the left. I would think that once 6 columns are used in one div that the remaining 6 could be formatted for the same effect. My code is located here:

Im not really sure what Im missing here. Could someone give me some insight? thank you

Also, could someone enlighten me what p-fluid does?

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26 Jul 2022, 12:54

Can not see the code. Could you send us a codesandbox link?


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