Editable Datatable: multiple input elements for a single cell

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16 Jul 2022, 00:40

Is there documentation on how to have multiple elements in a cell? For example, let's say I have a column for "duration" and I want the user to specify both a number and whether that is in minutes, hours, or days (a dropdown). Right now, I try this, but tabbing between the two fields doesn't work: instead of tabbing from the quantity to the units, the tab key takes me to the next cell that can be edited. While this is generally useful, I need some way to intercept that so that tabbing past the units will still take me to the next cell, but tabbing between the quantity and units will not leave the cell.

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In editing mode, when the tab key hit DataTable finish the cell edit. Of course multiple component could be used in editing mode, but without keyboard support it is always changes the focus next or previous cell.

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