Permission denied to access property "__v_isRef" on cross-origin object

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20 Jul 2022, 23:09

First post. Hopefully someone can find that I am doing something wrong. I am using firebase authentication and firestore.
When I sign in the first time using signInWithPopup everythings works as expected.
When I sign out, then try and sign back in using signInWithPopup I get an error

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DOMException: Permission denied to access property "__v_isRef" on cross-origin object subscribe.ts:239:20
    sendOne subscribe.ts:239
    (Async: promise callback)
If I choose to use signInWithEmailAndPassword everything works. I can sign in, sign out, and then sign back in again.

Here is the code. In this version I have a bunch of then's strung together to see if it is a timing issue. I didn't help

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googleSignIn() {
  this.$toast.add({ severity: 'info', summary: 'Loading', detail: 'Loading. Please wait' });
  const auth = getAuth();
    .then((result) => {
      const user = result.user; = user;
      .then(() => {
          .then(() => {
            console.log("route pushed");
"primevue": "^3.15.0"
"vue": "^3.2.25",
"vue-router": "^4.1.2"
"vite": "^3.0.2"

I have the same issue running local or if I build and push to firebase hosting. Any ideas?

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26 Jul 2022, 10:22


Please try to remove package-lock.json and node_modules files and install them again. They could be out of date.

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