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22 Jul 2022, 11:20

Hello folks,

I have a problem. I've designed a expandable datatable under rpimevue and want to expand a innertable in dependig on the return value of a method.My first solution was the following:

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<Column v-if="( == null) && ( == ' ')" :expander="true" />

but this isn't the right way. Has anyone a solution?

Thank you n advance

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24 Jul 2022, 23:05

I came here to post something similar so instead of creating a new thread I figured I would respond to yours.

Im working on a table to, almost sure the

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prop is to display the arrow to expand and not to actually expand.

I think what you're asking is how to programmatically trigger an expansion. This is my question as well so hopefully someone else will chime in. Id like to know how to programmatically expand and compress an expandable row.

I know expandedRows is the array which has the list of expanded rows but I cannot figure out how to properly add it after creating a new row in my own array.

Also, can you column end up meeting both your conditions? Im referring to the v-if

Could someone perhaps assist both of us?

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