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I'm trying to template a column to add a href link to a file name. Original:
The Column:

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<Column field="name" header="Name" :expander="true"></Column>
contains just the file name.
What I want is the rendering to include the link to the file.
I found this as a potential answer: ... s-as-links
But I can't make it work for Columns.

My code here looks like this:

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Is there a way to have the column automatically render the "name" as something like

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<a :href="{{ site.apiurl }}/name">{{ name }}</a>
instead of just a <span/>

Thank you for any ideas.
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25 Oct 2022, 09:57

I'm not sure I understand correctly. But for a first look, you can keep your Columns information in an array. You can edit this array and use it dynamically when needed.

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I don't think I have access to the column array.
Rendering of the TreeTable template is done automatically. The <Column field="name" automatically renders to the <span>...
What I would like to see is that the TreeTable shows files with a link for download. And I have never seen an example that does that.
For a file manager it would be just normal to have the files shown downloadable. (or right click save-as)

Here is the file manager I'm working on: ... anager.vue

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