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28 Oct 2022, 01:44

I am trying to use the

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icon in a SplitButton. The icon doesn't appear. Changing it to any other icons seems to work as intended but not pi-file-export. Is this a known issue? I am on 3.18.0.


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31 Oct 2022, 12:57

Hi, You can try this.

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<SplitButton label="Save" icon="pi pi-file-export" @click="save" :model="nestedItems"></SplitButton>

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01 Nov 2022, 19:29

I dont see what I have diffrent compared to what you did.

I have a ref like this:

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const buttonItems = ref([
    label: 'Export CSV',
    icon: 'pi pi-file-export',
    command: () => dt.value.exportCSV()
This "buttonItems" is set to the :model property. But the icon just doesn't show up. Again, changing the name of the icon to different ones works fine.

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29 Nov 2022, 07:59

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