After updating from version 3.12.6 to version 3.23.0, the application does not work

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17 Feb 2023, 16:28

hi all
ran into a problem - after upgrading from version 3.12.6 to version 3.23.0, the application completely stopped working. There are a lot of errors in the console

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Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting '$_ptooltipModifiers')

Can anyone suggest what could be the issue?

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08 Mar 2023, 15:43

How can I see the problem?

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09 Mar 2023, 13:20

From my experience I can tell that it seems that the tooltip directive is not understood any more by some controls. For instance, I noticed that when trying to load a component with drop-downs with a tooltip directive, I had a few exceptions related to the drop-downs. As there was nothing else "peculiar" besides the tooltip directives, I just moved them from the drop-downs to the related labels and the component started loading correctly again. This is quite strange and should be fixed...

There are a few other problems related to some controls that I'm experiencing. For instance, I had a datatable with a column of check-boxes; when changing the checkboxes value, some operations are done, but the fact that the check-box is selected, or not selected is not evident any more: it's always shown as not selected. Same for the check-box in the column header that should select\unselect all the selectable row check-boxes. I've seen that there are new features for row selection in the datatable, but in my case I should allow the selection of rows only under particular conditions, so a simple header and body templating of the column was the best solution

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