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I have begun the process of incorporating PrimeView into my Vue JS app, and I am having several issues,

The first is the simple inclusion of a basic component. I have added the necessary includes:

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import PrimeVue from "primevue/config";
and this runs fine, but if I add a component, using either one of the two techniques:


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import Button from "primevue/button";
app.component("Button", Button);
or Component.vue:

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import Button from "primevue/button";
components: { Button },
I get this error:

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Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: currentRenderingInstance is null
I also see these warnings:

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[Vue warn]: resolveDirective can only be used in render() or setup().
[Vue warn]: Unhandled error during execution of render function 
  at <Button label="Add New Contract" > 
Any assistance or direction would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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Based on what you shared, I think you imported it correctly. Is it possible to fully share your Main.js file? Something else seems to be affecting this situation.

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