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Prestige - cannot find "theme.css" resource of "primefaces-prestige" library

Posted: 04 Sep 2020, 11:54
by besofts
Hello, I am adding the theme, but I get that error,
- add the jar in the libraries folder.

- also change the theme in the properties of primefaces:
primefaces.THEME "," prestige "

- Too Copy the files to the resources folder at src / main / webapp / resources
Anything else you need to do?
Your support please

Re: Prestige - cannot find "theme.css" resource of "primefaces-prestige" library

Posted: 11 Sep 2020, 15:47
by mert.sincan

You can use the Theme in two ways;

First way;
- If you use theme.jar, please don't add folders related to theme in src/main/webapp/resources/*

Second way,
- If you use theme folders to customize some css variable, please don't add theme.jar

Also, these videos can help you to integrate it into your project; ... t.mp4?dl=0 ... t.mp4?dl=0 ... t.mp4?dl=0

Best Regards,