CommandButton = '_blank' ajax=false does not work within Dialog Primefaces 10

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14 May 2021, 13:20

I am upgrading Primefaces 8.0, mojarra 2.3.13, to PrimeFaces 10.0.0, however I came across an error, the CommandButton command stopped working. Version downloaded on Maven:

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However, when disabling the CommandButton AJAX within the Dialog, to open a report with JasperReports in a new tab, nothing is performed:

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<p:dialog widgetVar="dlgReport" header="Report" showEffect="fade" 
                  resizable="true" draggable="true"  maximizable="false" 
                  responsive="true" closeOnEscape="true" >           
            <h:form id="formReport">
                <div class="p-grid p-formgrid ">                    
                    <div class="p-col-12 p-mt-2 p-right">                       
                        <p:splitButton value="Print" icon="fas fa-print" class="b-m-r"
                                       oncomplete="if(args.success == true);" 
                                       onclick=" = '_blank'" ajax="false" >                               
The same command onclick = " = '_blank'" ajax = "false"
executed outside the Dialog component, opens normally.

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14 May 2021, 22:29


If the issue persists when you try it without a Mirage theme, please see the migration guide or get help from the PrimeFaces forum. Thank you for your understanding.
PrimeFaces Forum: viewforum.php?f=3
Migration Guide: ... ide/10_0_0

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