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18 Dec 2019, 01:18

Hi Aragrorn

Migrating from Ultima to Mirage is on the end with success

One of the last issue for me is the visual difference in datatable between the outputText (in the output facet) and the visual length of the inputText in the input facet
With Ultima, we were able to enter (for example) 4 characters in a cell that also display the 4 characters.
With Mirage, due to padding only 2 chars are visible at the same time.

What is your recommendation to get back to the same functionality (without changing the width of the cells of course) ? or is there any changes planned in a next version ?

attached image :
Kindest regards

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20 Dec 2019, 09:28

is there any changes planned in a next version ?
- Unfortunately, no. This is by design.

Could you please try the following css code?

Code: Select all

.ui-datatable .ui-datatable-data tr.ui-row-editing td.ui-editable-column, 
.ui-datatable .ui-datatable-data td.ui-cell-editing {
    padding: .2em;

.ui-datatable .ui-datatable-data tr.ui-row-editing td.ui-editable-column .ui-inputfield, 
.ui-datatable .ui-datatable-data td.ui-cell-editing .ui-inputfield {
    padding: 6px;
Or you can change $inputPadding sass variable on Mirage.

Best Regards,

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