2 major issues

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11 Apr 2020, 03:07

Good day,

It appears to me that there are two major issues with this template.

1. The template is not properly setup for webpack (another topic in this forum mentions the same issue). The index.html uses resources from assets instead of src. Doesn't seem possible to get webpack to do its work with that setup. Moving these files around require a lot of moving other files around, and some background images can't work the way they are setup in the template once you move the sass files in src.
I have resolved this one moving files around and figured the correct setup after a couple hours. I am not an experienced react developer.

Issue I still need help on:

2. Clicking anywhere on the website, including any white space or any text or anything, will cause re render of all components of the applications and call the clicks functions from all components. Easy to reproduce by adding console logs to just about anything.

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09 Oct 2020, 14:00

So sorry for your delayed response! We are working to update all PrimeReact Layouts using PrimeOne Vision Concept. We'll take your suggestions into consideration and improve our new version that way.

Thanks a lot!
Best Regards,

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