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07 Aug 2020, 12:36


I love the interface for selecting Light/Dark theme, colors and menu settings. Is there a mechanism for being able to persist the user's choices so that when the user runs the app app again, it loads the colors, background/theme settings that they selected? The users naturally expect that those settings will be saved and not need to be selected every time they run the app, I added functionality to handle this, but I found it to be rather challenging and it is not perfect. I would love to be able to replace my logic with functionality which is built into the theme. Is this functionality planned for this theme or is it built in and there is something that I am overlooking?

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David Silverlight

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17 Aug 2020, 10:31

Unfortunately, Saving and restoring settings functionality doesn't build in and not planned. But thank you for your feedback and we will discuss our team your this feedback. If we decide to do, we announce on our blog.

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26 Aug 2020, 19:53

That would be great. To be frank, I would have never shown it off to a client if I realized that none of the settings are saved. I just assumed that it was since setting the theme and colors and other customizations are not the type of thing that a user would expect to need to specify every time they run the web app. I hope that you do add it because it would be helpful to just about every single developer who builds apps with your templates.

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We did not implement it on purpose and left if to the user requirements because the location to save it depends on your choice, you may save it to a datasource with a call to a backend or to a local browser storage as well.

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Really could use this for configuration management purposes. If we need to tweak some design, would like to be able to restore the previous work and work from that point, instead of trying to reproduce all of the settings.
An export/import settings would be ideal.

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07 Jun 2022, 11:43

Yes, the best way is for users to apply it according to their own requirements.

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