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looking for npm package

Posted: 31 Aug 2020, 10:18
by Sanjay852
So i've been searching for a npm package which can provide the ability to build an organization chart/diagram- I need it to be compatible for angular 5 and also my app is offline (that's why i crossed out google charts because it needs active connection to communicate with the google api). I found primeng: ( i need something like this), but it would be great if it can be customizable, for example, to add right click ability on each node for a set of functions to perform on it.

I also found this- ... index.html which is the closest i found to what i want- it has a minimap to show you your position in the tree and a search ability (problem is it's expensive and i don't want to spend money on something i won't be able to build upon).

Any help will be appreciated, thank you :)