How to enter in a Flow from p:menuitem ? ?

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20 Sep 2020, 21:57

I need help !

primefaces 8.0 - diamond layout 1.2 - tomEE 8 web profile

I want to enter in a Flow from a p:menuitem .

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<p:menuitem id="om_pp" 
                    value="Inserisci Nuovo Proprietario" 
                    icon="pi pi-user-plus"
                    outcome="proprietarioFlow"/>   <!-- FlowID -->
But , I have a error : Could not resolve NavigationCase for outcome: proprietarioFlow !!

This is my Flow definition:

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public class ProprietarioFlow implements Serializable {

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    public Flow defineFlow(@FlowBuilderParameter FlowBuilder flowBuilder) {

        String vdlDocBase = "/dashboard/admin/";"", Costanti.FLOW_ID_PROPRIETARIO);


        flowBuilder.inboundParameter("pageToReturn", "#{flowBean_proprietario.pageToReturn}");



        return flowBuilder.getFlow();

Thank you !

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21 Sep 2020, 09:59

I have found a problem .

The previous code work perfectly .

The problem is in the damned beans.xml :

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<beans version="1.2"   bean-discovery-mode="annotated"
if bean-discovery-mode="annotated" , the @Produces method will never be called !!
the solution is or change bean-discovery-mode="annotated" with bean-discovery-mode="all"
or even better put only <beans/> in the beans.xml.

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26 Sep 2020, 16:53

Glad to hear, thanks a lot for the update!

Best Regards,

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06 Jul 2021, 23:15

A menu item with an outcome generates a plain html a tag with an href to a internal page (within the domain of the application). When clicked on, that produces a get request to the specified page. The url attribute does the same btw, but can be used to refer to external page, as can be seen by investigating the source of the PrimeFaces menu showcase This functionality does not need a form since no data needs to be send to the server.

The action attribute generates an a tag as well, but it will always need to send data to the server and be able to call a method on the server. (that is how the funtion of an action in general is defined in JSF). The menu item in this case has no functional hfref (it is "#") but has an onclick that via javascript (see the source of the showcase) either does an ajax call (if specified) or full submit of the form. Since in both cases the form data needs to be send to the server a form is needed (that is how html works).ds emulator
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Thanks for your detailed answer.

Best Regards,

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