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19 Apr 2023, 17:18

Hi everyone!

I'm using Diamond Theme and I want to use a image that might be customized by user, out of the context application (because I don't want to re-deploy every change - I'm using Spring Boot that generates a .war only).
In CSS (layout-light.css), the entry is setted to show a pre-fixed image:

@media (min-width: 993px) {
.login-body .login-wrapper .login-image {
background-size: cover;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-image: url("#{resource['diamond-layout:images/pages/bg-login.jpg']}");

How can I change above entry to show bg-login.jpg file out of the .war file?

Thanks a lot!


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19 May 2023, 12:26

Hi Maurício,

Sorry for my late response.
I have done some research during this time, but I do not have detailed knowledge about Spring Boot.
I'm sorry, but I can't assist you with that. Maybe, you could try moving the image outside of the .war file, checking the file path, and restarting Spring Boot.

Best Regards,

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