Issue in Object.changePrimaryColor in layout.js

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01 Dec 2022, 16:04


as soon I switch the "Layout Color" from the config.xhtml I got an JS error:

"layout.js.jsf?ln=rain-layout:546 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'indexOf')
at Object.changePrimaryColor (layout.js.jsf?ln=rain-layout:546:27)"


If I refresh the page, the layout has been changed correctly..
Any idea?
Primefaces 8.0, WildFly 21

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05 Dec 2022, 12:27

Do you have a link element that contains layout styles? Could you please check it in DOM? For now, you can add a null check to href variable. I'll add it too.

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changePrimaryColor: function(newColor, darkMode) {
        newLayout = this.getColor(newColor, darkMode);
        var linkElement = $('link[href*="layout-"]');
        var href = linkElement.attr('href');

        if (href) {
            var startIndexOf = href.indexOf('layout-') + 7;
            var endIndexOf = href.indexOf('.css');
            var currentColor = href.substring(startIndexOf, endIndexOf);
            this.replaceLink(linkElement, href.replace(currentColor, newLayout));

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