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04 Aug 2020, 00:42

Could make the pom available for java version 11. With the dependencies also updated?

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04 Aug 2020, 12:42


Users can adjust the dependencies of the project according to their needs. When you change java8 with java11 in the sample project, do you get an error?

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Add dependencies to the <dependencies> section, use the structure given above. The Apache Commons Lang library, version 3.12.0, is used as an example dependencyscratch games. You can change it with your own requirements and versions.

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03 Jul 2024, 12:59

Thank you for your request. We can definitely make the POM available for Java version 11 and ensure all dependencies are updated accordingly. This will help maintain compatibility and improve overall performance. Additionally, if you're interested in more features like beach buggy free purchase options within the game, we can explore integrating similar functionalities. Please let us know if you have any specific dependencies or additional requirements in mind, and we'll get started on this right away.

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10 Jul 2024, 11:10

Sure, I can make the pom available for Java version 11 with the dependencies updated. However, please note that there may be restrictions on certain dependencies due to Ariculos prohibidos policies. I'll ensure the necessary adjustments are made to comply with the latest guidelines. I'll update you as soon as the revised pom file is ready for Java 11 compatibility.

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Sure, here is the pom.xml for Java version 11 with updated dependencies:

Code: Select all


    <!-- Add your dependencies here -->
Update the dependencies section with the latest versions as needed. basketball stars

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