landing page colors are the same for all themes

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05 Jan 2021, 11:08

Probably this isn't a bug, but feature... But looks weird when a user sees the blueish landing page and, let's say, the orange theme for the application. I would expect that colours should match.
For sure I can change sass files to change everything I need, but the main reason for buying ready-to-use template - that I'm not quite a designer and magic of matching colours doesn't belong to me :)

My question is: can I expect, that in one of the next versions of the template the colours of the landing page will be matching to the selected colour theme?

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29 Jan 2021, 01:47


This is by design. Landing and other default pages (Error, Not Found etc) are special pages. Therefore, it does not match the layout in one-to-one color choices. You can easily change the SCSS files(_landing.scss and _exception.scss) used by these pages according to your needs.

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