<pe:clipboard> is not working in jsf environment even commons-lang3-3.0 & primefaces-extensions-0.6.3 are added

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1.//#Below is jsf code for pe clipboard.(.xhtml page)

<p:commandButton id="copyUrl" value="Copy URL" icon="pi pi-copy"/>
<pe:clipboard id="clipBoard" trigger="copyUrl" action="copy" text="#{controller.copyUrl(Id)}" > </pe:clipboard>

2.//#Below is java backed controller code.
public String copyUrl(long Id) {
if (Id > 0) {
return "Success in copy http://test.com";
} else {
return "Error in copy url";

3.#// Also added the taglib for primefaces extension -> xmlns:pe="http://primefaces.org/ui/extensions"

4#// And inside lib folder added two .jar dependencies -> commons-lang3-3.0.jar & primefaces-extensions-0.6.3.jar
[Project is ant environment project and prime-faces version 5.3 version using with front-end- .xhtml(jsf) and back-end java]

With this configuration the pe:clipboard is not working. any suggestion on this. Please reply.

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