there are problem on p:dialog inside pe:layout

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24 Aug 2012, 19:55

I have layout with pe:layout like:


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<pe:layout id="fullPage" widgetVar="fpLayoutWidget">  
             <pe:layoutPane position="north" size="50" closable="false" >  
             <pe:layoutPane position="center"> 
             		<ui:insert name="content"></ui:insert> 
             <pe:layoutPane position="west" size="260">  
             <pe:layoutPane position="south" size="30" closable="false" >  
And main code like:

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<ui:composition template="inc/layout.xhtml">
	<ui:define name="content">  
			<h:panelGroup id="mainArea" layout="block">
                 <h:panelGroup styleClass="content_box" layout="block" >
					<ui:include src="admin/company_list.xhtml" />

and company_list.xhtml contains p:dialog, when it popup, get dead.
Of course it works well when I replace pe:layout with div, so I figout out, it is pe:layout cause p:dialog problem.

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25 Aug 2012, 13:21

Place p:dialog outside pe:layout and then try.

pe:layout uses absolute positioning and z-index properties.
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25 Aug 2012, 14:07

Place the dialog outside or use appendTobody.It will be applicable to p:layout and pe:layout also.This link might be useful for you ... il?id=2429

Sudheer Jonna

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