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19 Oct 2012, 15:05

Working with the timeline component in the extensions, and managed to run a sample instance on my own, it is really nice.

Is it possible that the events in the timeline can be made resizable?
I am aware of p:resizable and its "for" property, but when I look at the source code of the extensions project I think it won't work
The events in the timeline get their IDs with event.setId(UUID.randomUUID().toString()) method, so I cannot use p:resizable if I understand it correctly.

Is there any other way?

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19 Oct 2012, 16:37

You can set Ids manually by implementing Timeline and TimelineEvent interface.
Instead of using DefaultTimeline and DefaultTimelineEvent.
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22 Oct 2012, 08:39

Hi Nilesh,
Thank you for your reply.
As you may already know, the

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p:resizable for="x"
tag works for a single UIComponent.
There will be several TimelineEvent's in a Timeline component and I think p:resizable will not work for these since their IDs will be dynamic.

Is it possible to attach a resizable attribute to TimelineEvent's on the components side independent of their IDs? (A ResizableTimelineEvent component that every instance is resizable without using p:resizable on the jsf side)
primefaces 3.4.1
primefaxes-extensions 0.6.1

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22 Oct 2012, 10:35

Yeah, p:resizable for="x" is stupid. By the way, mostly PF Extensions components have "forSelector" attribute for more then one target element. You can try to use native jQuery resizable plugin maybe.
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