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PFE 'west' layoutPane is resizable when resizable=false

Posted: 05 Nov 2012, 21:40
by smithh032772
This seems to be an issue that needs to be reported in issue tracker. I have the following code:

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        layoutOptions = new LayoutOptions();

        // options for all panes
        LayoutOptions panes = new LayoutOptions();
        panes.addOption("slidable", false);
        panes.addOption("spacing", 6);
        panes.addOption("resizeWhileDragging", false);
        LayoutOptions north = new LayoutOptions();
        north.addOption("resizable", false);
        north.addOption("size", 100);

        // options for center pane
        LayoutOptions center = new LayoutOptions();
        if (pageWithLayoutPane) {
            center.addOption("closable", false);
            center.addOption("resizable", false);
            // if container has min-width/height, then enable scrollbar(s)
            center.addOption("minWidth", 200);
            center.addOption("minHeight", pageWithLayoutPaneNorthSize);
        else {
        if (pageWithLayoutPane) {
            // options for nested center layout
            LayoutOptions childCenterOptions = new LayoutOptions();
            // options for center-north pane
            LayoutOptions centerNorth = new LayoutOptions();
            centerNorth.addOption("resizable", false);
            centerNorth.addOption("size", pageWithLayoutPaneNorthSize);
            // options for center-center pane
            LayoutOptions centerCenter = new LayoutOptions();
            centerCenter.addOption("minHeight", pageWithLayoutPaneNorthSize);
            if (getOrdersController() != null &&
                getOrdersController().getShowBrowseEditOptions() &&
                pageNavigationController.isPageOrdersBrowse()) {
                // options for west pane
                LayoutOptions west = new LayoutOptions();
                west.addOption("closable", false);
                west.addOption("resizable", false);
                // if container has min-width/height, then enable scrollbar(s)
                west.addOption("minWidth", 60);
                west.addOption("minHeight", 200);
All layoutPanes are NOT resizable except for west pane.

Issue 308 in issue tracker.

Re: PFE 'west' layoutPane is resizable when resizable=false

Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 10:28
by Oleg
I will check, ok. But I can not imagine that only "west" pane is resizable if you set"resizable="false". By the way, it doesn't make sense to set resizable="false" for "center" pane. AFAIK "resizable" is defined for all panes except "center". "center" gets resized automatically when other panes are resized too.