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03 Dec 2012, 10:29


I am using p:tabView with ckEditor instance on each tab.
When I am switching between tabs the editor content is copied to my backing bean.

However after I press submit button the empty string is copied to backing bean for all tabs,
If I replace ckEditor with p:editor everything foes fine.
Please suggest.

<p:tabView var="subStory" value="#{story.subStories}"
dynamic="true" titleStyleClass="active-tab">
<p:tab title="#{linkController.getSubStoryTitle(subStory)}"
<pe:ckEditor value="#{subStory.text}" checkDirtyInterval="0"
language="#{userLocale.locale}" width="750px" height="500px" />

<h:commandButton action="save" value="#{msg['']}" />

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03 Dec 2012, 10:58

Please use forum search first -> ... ail?id=250

there is currently no solution but you can call myWidgetVar.initialize() by yourself on the editor.
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Posts: 7
Joined: 13 Oct 2012, 09:00

04 Dec 2012, 00:36

Thank you for the quick reply.

If i have one tab I can add this attribute to p:tabView
where var1 is widgetVar for CkEditor.

However what should I do if I multiple tabs? I don't see any "show"/"click" handlers for p:tab.
Please advice.

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