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Extensions 6.1.5 Elite Release

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 13:57
by Melloware
For those of you that are ELITE or PRO users I have made a custom 6.1.5 Extensions release that goes with PF Elite 6.1.5. The reason is this Jquery breaking change that was updated which you can read all about in the link below:

This 6.1.5 release is a rollup of all changes made since the 6.1.1 release and is specifically compatible with PF Elite 6.1.5+ or higher. DO NOT USE with the PF community edition 6.1.0. Repeat this is for Elite users only.

You can download the JAR and drop them into your Nexus or .m2 folder from the zip below...

Download PrimeFaces Extensions Elite 6.1.5

Re: Extensions 6.1.5 Elite Release

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 09:02
by tandraschko
Why it isn't in the maven repo?

Re: Extensions 6.1.5 Elite Release

Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 13:51
by Melloware
Because if someone downloads this thinking its the latest version and tries to use it against the PF Community release 6.1 it would break in the opposite direction.

So my thought was Maven Central releases should only be to match up to Community Releases to prevent having this issue. Thoughts?