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12 Oct 2017, 17:31

Good evening.
I would like to know if is it possible to use an "inputNumber" input control type into a dynaForm (and therefore a dynaFormControl): then build a xhtml similar to this

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<pe:dynaForm id="dynaForm" value="#{dynaFormController.model}".....
<pe:dynaFormControl type="inputNumber" for............
	<p:inputNumber id="input3" value="#{inputNumberView.input3}" minValue="-1000.999" maxValue="1000">  
		<p:ajax update="output3" />  
in order to dynamically generate a set of input controls where I can specify the format (minvalue, maxvalue, symbol, decimalseparator...)

Have you got an example?

Thank you

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12 Oct 2017, 17:41

Whats wrong with your example? Just try it.
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