Apache Myfaces Orchestra and pe:ckEditor adds conversationContext twice

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28 Nov 2017, 11:17

I am using Primefaces 6.1, Extensions 6.1.1 and ckEditor-resources 6.1.1 and myfaces orchestra-core-20 1.5

When I try to include the ckEditor using the <pe:ckEditor - tag in my page, it fails because somehow thwe conversationContext for ckEditor's resources are added twice: once before the .jsf - parsing and once at the end, so that the URI looks like this:

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for some reason the parameter is included twice, and this does not happen with any other primefaces component that relies on external resources - what is the matter here? bug? or something wrong with my pom/web.xml - files?

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28 Nov 2017, 14:19

The problem is most likely with this class...

https://github.com/primefaces-extension ... ifier.java

We have to dynamically add resources like plugins to make CKEditor work and somehow that Conversation Context is causing a problem with the ResourceModifier. Can you please create an issue in our GitHub describing your exact issue above?

https://github.com/primefaces-extension ... com/issues
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