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02 Feb 2018, 15:06


I have a expandable datatable into a deferred loading outputpanel.

The datatable has single selection mode on. It works fine and when i select one ítem i see the Bean value updated.

I have also a pimefaces extensions exporter because the table is expandable. But after export the table (in Excel format) the datatable doesn't Works and when i select an ítem i don't see the Bean value updated and if i push a button the deferred outputpanel delete all the datatable.

Whats the problem? I'm not sure if it is because the Excel file opens in a new tab and the page lost the flow.

Thanks in advance

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05 Feb 2018, 15:07

You will have to produce a reproducible test case for us so we can debug it ourselves using the PrimeFaces Test project found here:


Its a stripped down project just include the bare minimum for us to be able to run "mvn clean jetty:run" to see your bug in action.
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