Helper class for parse uploaded vcards ?

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19 Mar 2018, 14:38

Our users are wishing a function for uploading vcards and then automatically
fill out the datas need to be entered in the management-views.
(User maintainance and organisation maintainance in our case)

My "Idea" is to make an Primefaces-Extension on the upload-component of primefaces
that is called when the upload of an vcard has been done.

Then the user will be called back with a filledout class which contains
all vcard datas in an easy way to access.

I tried it out by using the components seperate
and it also can be used on mobile devices when the user
has uploaded any vcard to e.g. dropbox.

So what do you think about it ?
Do you have any other ideas ?
Or do you think it's unuseable by the most users ?
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19 Mar 2018, 15:09

Hmmm this seems like a pretty specific use case. This feels more like just some custom code in a blog post on how to do it than it is to build a component on top of PF FileUpload.
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