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28 Jul 2018, 18:58

version 6.2.7
I would like use rowIndex from data list object for rowKey property. In ajax change, I would like to use it to get(sheetUpdate.getRowKey()) directly by index.
I try

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<pe:sheet var="myList" value="#{myBean.myList}" rowKey="#{myList.rowIndex}" .....
==> javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException

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<pe:sheet var="myList" value="#{myBean.myList}" rowKey="#{mybean.myList.rowIndex}" .....
==> java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "rowIndex"

Workarround, I search data on the list by use :

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Any better solution or is it a sheet issues for use rowKey ?
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30 Jul 2018, 18:31

the rowKey is supposed to be in the unique identifier in the POJO representing that row. Using rowIndex does not feel like a good solution to whatever problem you are trying to solve.
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