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For my current project I am required to use a high performance table. Sheet seems perfect for the job!
I was wondering if and how it was possible to add custom cells, or cell renderers, to the sheet component. I tried the approach as described on ... erers.html changing Handsontable to this.cfg, which resulted in a TypeError: Cannot read property 'registerRenderer' of undefined.
Using the exact syntax as shown in the example (Handsontable.renderers.registerRenderer('myRenderer', myCustomRenderer);) I was able to pick my custom colType, but it was rendered just like the default colType (text).
Using Handsontable.cellTypes.registerCellType had pretty much the same results, as did adding a renderer directly to the cell via this.cfg.columns[0].renderer = myCustomRenderer;
Is there a way to add a custom cell renderer to pe:sheet, or have the cell render HTML at least?

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