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10 Sep 2021, 17:28

HiI purchased the PrimeBlocks licence and trying to use it in my project however I notices there is a conflict between using PrimeReact components and PrimeBlocks code.It seems to use PrimeReact we should use PrimeFlex 2 as per the documentation here ... lexHowever PrimeBlocks use PrimeFlex 3.0 as per its documentation ... umentation
When I switch to primeFlex 3.0 my PrimeBlocks code works fine but my code that works fine using PrimeFlex 2.0 is not rendering correctly under PrimeFlex 3!

Is there an upgrade of PrimeReact components to use PrimeFlex 3 I can use? As it is PrimeBlocks purchase is useless as I've already built a full application using PrimeReact components and I can't redo all my UI using new blocks, I need to use the blocks on new components while old components also work fine!
Any suggestions?


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14 Sep 2021, 17:56

So much for support!

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16 Sep 2021, 14:01

We have provided a response with email as well, posting it here again;


PrimeReact components themselves do not directly depend on the PrimeFlex so they can be used both with V2 and V3. In fact, PrimeReact can be used with any other CSS utility like Bootstrap, Tailwind ...

PrimeBlocks requires PrimeFlex v3.

For migration, please see;


Cagatay Civici

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