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20 Dec 2012, 14:00

Ok, thanks :) You don't need to double post there and here though.

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I know and i'm sorry for that, but there is one issue tracker for jsf and javascript.

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As a proof of concept I'm trying to use PrimeUI as a basis to build React components. There is an article explaining how to do it by Michael Guterl. It works in JSFiddle

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var Component = React.createClass({
  componentDidMount: function() {
    var themes = new Array('afterdark', 'afternoon');
      data: themes,
      editable: true
  render: function() {
    return <select / >

ReactDOM.render( < Component / > , document.getElementById('container'));
but I'm unable to make it work from the inside React application. The error I have 'piudropdown - is not a function' indicates that primeUI is not picked up or somehow not applied. Obviously, I have jquery, jquery-ui and primeui dependencies in package.json. I also can see some primeui related staff in my bundled js file, therefore it is included. So does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong or missing? Is there any suggestions how to debug that sort of issues?

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