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p-slider and setvalue

Posted: 05 Feb 2018, 20:33
by matas
In the showcase of PrimeUi, for p-slider we can read that a method setValue(val) is available. How can i set the value of a p-slider on the client please ?
I tried this :
<p-slider id="slider"> </p-slider>
And in the js :
but the slider is not update and i get the error : TypeError: $(...).setValue is not a function ...

Can anyone help me please ?

Re: p-slider and setvalue

Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 20:18
by matas
I eventualy used JQuery slider like that :
name: hslider,
change: moveHorizontalChange

And change the value on the client with :
$("#hslider").slider("value", 50);

Works just fine like that :D