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26 Feb 2018, 20:06

Hello everyone, I'm trying to pass values to the component, but I'm not getting it. Is there any right way to do it?

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      showEffect: 'fade',
      hideEffect: 'fade',
      responsive: true,
      icon: 'fa-check',
      width: 400,
      title: 'Alerta de remoção',
      modal: true,
      buttons: [{
            text: 'Sim',
            icon: 'fa-check',
            click: function() {
              var val = $(this).data('value');
            text: 'Não',
            icon: 'fa-close',
            click: function() {

    $('#dlgelement').data('value', 'Hellor World!').puidialog('show');

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