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Bar Chart

Posted: 27 Apr 2017, 19:07
by joao_arthur
Please, I need to change the color of the series value label of a bar chart, I can change the formatting of the values but I can not change the color of the label, how can I change it ? And if it is possible to change the position of the label, it currently stays on top of the bar of the series but I want it to be on the bottom or inside the bar

Re: Bar Chart

Posted: 28 Apr 2017, 14:15
by joao_arthur
Sentinel does not have technical support?

Re: Bar Chart

Posted: 01 May 2017, 11:58
by aragorn
Sentinel have technical support. But, this issue isn't a Layout or Theme issue. Next time, please use core Primefaces forum for these issues;

PrimeFaces charts use jqplot API. Therefore, You can check jqplot API;

Also, you can examine our sample chart.xhtml page;

Code: Select all

//JS code
function skinBar() {
                this.cfg.shadow = false;
                this.cfg.title = '';
                this.cfg.seriesColors = ['#2BB673', '#F15732'];
                this.cfg.grid = {
                    background: '#ffffff',
                    borderColor: '#ffffff',
                    gridLineColor: '#F5F5F5',
                    shadow: false
                this.cfg.axesDefaults = {
                    rendererOptions: {
                        textColor: '#666F77'
                this.cfg.seriesDefaults = {
                    shadow: false,
                    lineWidth: 1,
                    renderer: $.jqplot.BarRenderer,
                    markerOptions: {
                        shadow: false,
                        size: 7,
                        style: 'circle'

<p:chart id="bar" type="bar" model="#{chartDemoView.barModel}" responsive="true"/>

private void createBarModel() {
    barModel = initBarModel();

    barModel.setTitle("Bar Chart");

    Axis xAxis = barModel.getAxis(AxisType.X);

    Axis yAxis = barModel.getAxis(AxisType.Y);