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Can't find CSS files for new color ?

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 15:53
by iljkr
With versions > 2.0 of spark there are new colors for buttons,

from forms.xhtml:

Code: Select all

<p:panelGrid columns="1" layout="grid" styleClass="ui-panelgrid-blank">
                            <p:button value="Default Theme Button"/>

                            <p:button value="Inline Button" style="width:auto"/>

                            <p:button value="Green Button" styleClass="GreenButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Red Button" styleClass="RedButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Blue Button" styleClass="BlueButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Orange Button" styleClass="OrangeButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Purple Button" styleClass="PurpleButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Cyan Button" styleClass="CyanButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Brown Button" styleClass="BrownButton"/>

                            <p:button value="Gray Button" styleClass="GrayButton"/>

But only the old colors (Green,Red ,Blue,Orange ) work on my appalication. The new colors don't work when I use PurpleButton, CyanButton, BrownButton or GrayButton the color rendered is always the Blue.

In the css folder there are:


Re: Can't find CSS files for new color ?

Posted: 22 Feb 2017, 12:25
by aragorn
We have these color classes in theme.css. Please check your theme.css. I tested this issue. it works fine for me.