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Posted: 30 Jan 2018, 14:55
by peve

I'm having trouble making the design of the p:selectOneMenu match my page design (fullwidth)
My p:inputText elements are designed to use the full width of the page, but I don't know how to do that for the p:selectOneMenu

This is a screenshot of my page

If the image dont display, here is the link ... 652e706e67

Here is the code I use

Code: Select all

<p:outputLabel value="#{msg['view_bolido_|_ADDRESS_|_city']}" for="city" />
<p:inputText id="city" styleClass="Wid100" style="box-sizing:border-box"
<p:message for="city" display="tooltip" />

<div class="EmptyBox10" />

<p:outputLabel value="#{msg['view_bolido_|_ADDRESS_|_country']}" for="countryCode" />
<p:selectOneMenu id="countryCode" value="#{companyAddressView.companyAddressVO.companyAddressCountryCode}" style="box-sizing:border-box">
	<f:selectItem itemLabel="#{msg['view_bolido_|_COMMON_|_select']}" itemValue="" />
	<f:selectItems value="#{companyAddressView.countriesVO.countries}" var="country" itemLabel="#{country.text}" itemValue="#{country.code}" />
<p:message for="countryCode" display="tooltip" />
What I want is that the p:selectOneMenu has the same with as the p:inputText and to have it's label at the top, now the label and component is aligned on the sam "row"


Re: p:selectOneMenu

Posted: 09 Feb 2018, 12:08
by kubrasulukan
Can you please reattach the image?


Re: p:selectOneMenu

Posted: 14 Sep 2018, 13:58
by aragorn
I think this issue is resolved.