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<p:commandButton> do not load icon using rendered attributes

Posted: 13 Jul 2015, 19:06
by kenhiti
I'm with the following problem when using this code:

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<p:column headerText="Ações" style="text-align: center" width="200px">
					<p:button outcome="/Motorista/CadastroMotorista" icon="fa fa-edit White" title="Editar">
						<f:param name="motorista" value="#{motorista.idMotoristaCliente}"/>
					<p:commandButton icon="fa fa-key White" title="Redefinir senha" action="#{pesquisaMotoristaBean.resetarSenha}" />
					<p:commandButton icon="fa fa-unlocked White" title="Ativar motorista" rendered="#{motorista.registroAtivo == 'N'}" 
					action="#{pesquisaMotoristaBean.ativarMotorista(motorista.idMotoristaCliente)}" update="@form" process="@this"/>
					<p:commandButton icon="fa fa-locked White" title="Desativar motorista"  rendered="#{motorista.registroAtivo == 'S'}" 
					action="#{pesquisaMotoristaBean.inativarMotorista(motorista.idMotoristaCliente)}" update="@form" process="@this" />
					<p:button icon="fa fa-cart-plus White"  title="Autorização de vale motorista" />					
What happens to not load the icon???

Re: <p:commandButton> do not load icon using rendered attrib

Posted: 14 Jul 2015, 09:38
by mert.sincan
I couldn't replicated the issue on Rio. Can you please attach a screenshot and test.xhtml?

Also, please try after adding this param to web.xml;

Re: <p:commandButton> do not load icon using rendered attrib

Posted: 16 Jul 2015, 00:23
by kenhiti
Thank you, problem solved.

Re: <p:commandButton> do not load icon using rendered attrib

Posted: 17 Jul 2015, 07:00
by mert.sincan
Glad to hear, thanks!