Datatable column header width / scrollable Header issue

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25 Jan 2016, 05:51

Hello Primefaces Community,

I have a PrimeFaces dataTable and I want to make its header scrollable. I tried it with the sticky header from Primefaces but unfortunately it didn't work because I have a lot of columns and I need a horizontal scrollbar. Now I have a workaround solution with the properties scrollable = "true" scrollHeight = "400". But now as you can see in the picture below, the width of the column header is different than the column width itself.


I have tried many things but could not find a solution, and therefore ask for your help. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

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08 Feb 2016, 10:40

Please try your code after removing width:auto from your datatable. I think you can use tableStyle="width:auto". Please remove it.

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11 Mar 2016, 10:36

I have same problem with primefaces 5.0 only in chrome. In mozila works fine and in chrome header is not aligned with columns.

Datatable has scrolable, paginator, filter and columnTogle.

Ani solution?

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11 Mar 2016, 12:22

Please try with 5.3. Also, this issue isn't a Layout or Theme issue. please use primefaces core forum;


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