Rio + PrimeNG + Angular 2 components - CSS and JS dependency

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We start presently an Angular 2 project. Our team are some questions about your product. We started to use the PrimeNG components and we have somme questions about your Premium theme Rio:

1 - I want know if your RIO theme is built with your components PrimeNG and Angular 2.
2 - I need know also if the Material Design you use is the Google Material Design Lite CSS or you use only the their guide line for built your own css library.

I try to evaluate all dependencies (CSS and JS) we will have in our project if we decide buy the Rio Theme.

Thank you,

R Souza

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1) Yes, RIO theme styles all available PrimeNG components. The bundle contains the rio showcase application that is also an angular2 app so gives a quickstart.

2) We've created our own theme based on material design specification, not using any 3rd party libs.

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Thank you,

we bought the theme!

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08 Apr 2016, 23:02

Thanks for the interest!


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