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Changing background color for all components

Posted: 27 Apr 2016, 16:45
by Clyde
Hello all :)

I have recently bought a primefaces Rio licence
I would like to change the background color of my components.
As I have saw,there are predefined classes for background colors(BoldGrayBack,SoftRedBack...)
I know that I can change component background colors if I inspect the element and modify the color,but it's hard to do that for each and every component.
I have also seen that I can modify those colors via theme-variables.less, but I will have to modify each and every element that I need...

Is there a way to use a predefined background color and apply it to the components(datatable,datagrid...)
I don't know... something like injecting "BoldGrayBack" somewhere and all my components takes it into consideration.

Thanks :)

Re: Changing background color for all components

Posted: 28 Apr 2016, 08:35
by mert.sincan
You can use background colors(BoldGrayBack,SoftRedBack...) for components on next Rio version.;
But, I think if you change only background-color of a component, it is not enough for you. You need to change text-color, border-color etc.
Therefore, I think you have to make color changes in theme-variables.less.

Can you please try these class on components after adding !important into background colors(BoldGrayBack,SoftRedBack...)?
.BoldGrayBack{background-color:#546E7A !important;}