Paginator DropDown button CSS not rendering on IE

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02 Sep 2015, 09:48

Good morning,

The CSS of the dropdown button on the paginator component aren't rendering correctly in IE11. It looks like the standard Windows 95 theme. I did not test any other IE versions.

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03 Sep 2015, 09:33

In Paginator, we add a html <select> tag for dropdown. So, we can not change Css of dropdown button. The button of <select> tag is rendered by browser.

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13 Sep 2015, 21:13


I've also encountered this issue and have done some further testing. It seems in IE 11 and FireFox 40 the paginator dropdown is rendered as a standard html select tag, in Chrome 45 and Edge the paginator dropdown is rendered in keeping with the Modena theme, and in Mobile Safari 8 the paginator dropdown is rendered partially in keeping with the Modena theme but it isn't perfect.

I then did a quick test to look at how the h:selectOneMenu and p:selectOneMenu components are rendered in IE, FireFox, Edge, Chrome, and mobile Safari and noticed similar behaviour to that seen with the paginator dropdown in a DataTable/DataGrid.

Looking at the html produced by the p:selectOneMenu component I can see it produces div tag with the class "ui-helper-hidden-accessible" that appears to hide the select tag's standard dropdown button, and a separate div tag with the class "ui-selectonemenu-trigger" that appears to render a Modena themed dropdown button.

Would it be possible to modify the PrimeFaces DataTable/DataGrid components so that it uses the same approach as the PrimeFaces SelectOneMenu component to produce a paginator dropdown that matches the rest of the DataTable/DataGrid component's theme?

I appreciate this isn't an issue with the Modena theme, but whereas this issue is not really noticeable with themes such as Aristo, it is quite visible with the Modena theme as it stands out from the overall look and feel of the DataTable/DataGrid component.

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