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05 Sep 2015, 14:15

Hi primefaces team,

We would like to use Primefaces + Modena theme for a project we will develop for a client. However, unfortunately client official browser is IE-8 and it is not likely that we can push them for browser upgrade at least to IE 9. (Many enterprises are stuck with IE8 sadly :x ) We know that modena theme supports officially IE9+. (As far as I know primefaces itself has no issue with IE8. ).
Is there a possibility to support IE8? When we check the demo application of modena in IE8, it looks like most of the issues orignated with the svg icons which are not supported by IE8. Is there an option to gracefully degrade for IE8 and below and show a static image in place of the svg. Some effects are also missing but it is ok (If they use IE8 they should not expect any effect :D )



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Yes our layouts has support for IE9+ and latest major browser versions. Because lower versions of IE9 and other browsers has not support for SVGs, Font Icons, CSS3 transition and shaping properties etc.. Not only SVG, many other factors will affect work at events in IE8.
There are not any possibility for supporting to IE8 at our layouts for these settings.

But maybe you can use layout without these features;
- CSS3 : boxes rounding, shadows, transitions..
- SVG graphics : Font Icons.

If you want to use these features necessarily , you can support the layout with extra JavaScript libraries .
Such as ;
For rounded corners :
For box shadows :
For font icons : Use PNG images..

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08 Sep 2015, 07:49

We don't have any plans for IE8 support due to amount of technical challenges. It just doesn't support many modern features we use. For icons, you need to use png fallback. There is SVG to PNG generator;


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