Why don't you create ultima version instead of EOS?

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21 Oct 2016, 02:14

We purchased adamantium at the beginning of the year and i already realized the technical changes of the new themes like grid instead of container css.

Now i see a post that shows "end of sale" to older themes. Instead of not selling them anymore, why don't you create a ultima version of the old ones.
This way you can add new features and make them more attractive like the new slide menue of poseidon or more color and menu options?

From a sales point of view i don't understand it at all. Investing so much into good layouts and just dropping them because of some technical changes? This sounds strange.

You reduce your possible customers without an updated version. There is no new theme even close to adamantium in your store.

This is also important if you have an application that must support different themes for which maybe is problematic using old and new ultima themes. In general it would make it easier to slowly migrate to new ultima themes.
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