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According to this thread, can someone help me in this, please:

Hi Primetek,

I would like to have a p:tieredMenu with many menuItems.
Unfortunately the number of items is too much, therefore I would like to have a maximum height from the menu and than scrolling.

I´ve tried this CSS

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.placeholderMenu.ui-menu.ui-menu-dynamic {
    height: 300px;
    overflow-y: auto;

The first menu is than working as expected, but if I choose one of the menu to get the second menu than I have the problem, that the second menu will never appear.
I´ve tried already:

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	<p:commandButton id="placeholderButton" value="Placeholder"
icon="fa fa-eyedropper" styleClass="Fs12 White"/>
overlay="true" trigger="placeholderButton" my="left top"
at="left bottom" styleClass="placeholderMenu"  />
Primefaces 8.0, WildFly 21

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