How to fully reinialize a dataTable based on multiViewState?

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11 Oct 2021, 00:21

In a project we have been using the dataTable component (non lazy) for CRUD with filtering/sorting and multiViewState.
Some how after a series of manipulation actions the visually representation of the dataTable sort/filter will get messed up.
A full page refresh (non ajax) seems to fix the issue (multiViewState is restored). Working on a fully-reproducible example.

As a workaround i am trying to fully reinialize the table sort/filter/cache/... instance state based on the stored multiViewState state.

Something like:

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DataTable dataTable = (DataTable) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().findComponent("form:datatable");
Has someone dealt with this before?
Using primefaces 10.0.7 (latest version) and mojarra23.

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16 Oct 2021, 13:34

We do exactly what you do above in our projects and it works. It removes all sorting and filtering.
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