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Dear all,

Here is a list of guidelines to keep running the forum smoothly.

1) Questions are answered voluntarily by committers of PrimeFaces and members of community depending on how much spare time they have, not by paid full time support engineers. That is what "Enterprise Support" is for. If you'd like to secure our support consider the Enterprise Support Service.

2) Every question is read however if it's not answered it means noone has enough spare time or the question wasn't asked the right way which is defined with these guidelines.

3) If your question is unanswered please do not reply to your own post with "Any ideas? Noone? Can anybody help? Up?" as these kind of posts do not provide any useful information. Still feel free to add more information to your problem.

4) Please do not tell us that your question is URGENT and you have a deadline because we have our own deadlines to deal with.

5) Always state the PrimeFaces version, JSF implementation name/version and the Server name/version information in your post. The best place for this information is your account signature as you don't need to provide it every time for a new post.

6) Make sure you read 5.

7) Avoid continuing with "I have the same problem" to old threads started by another, create a new thread for your case instead.

8) Do not use all UPPERCASE letters in thread subject, so as an example use "Dialog positioning problem" instead of "DIALOG POSITIONING PROBLEM".

9) Sample code is much more useful than a paragraph of explanation, add your code encapsulated in a code formatter tag and add a screenshot to your posts if applicable.

Additionally, if you have free time, please read;


Any questions that do not fit in to these guidelines have less possibility to be answered in this forum.

Thank you for your understanding.



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