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heisenberg wrote:Thanks Michael, updated;

Thanks to you, team
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I have been using PF for not too long ('bout 6 months). It is a great library: constantly evolving, rich in components and enabling quick UI creation. However, it sins in one aspect: backwards compatibility. I have witnessed several components either lose or change behavior from version 2.2.1 to 3.2. When you harness the beast of change within Primefaces, you will have an even more solid migration to PF.

All in all, a leading JSF library. In fact, as of today I need not add another library to my applications to compensate any lack of features in primefaces. Keep up the good work!

// currently PF 3.2 + Jboss AS 7 (Mojarra 2.1.7, JSF 2)

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09 May 2012, 20:55

Gracias a algunos de ustedes hoy soy ingeniero..
Thanks to some of you today I'm an engineer ..

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15 May 2012, 22:44

A publisher from Brazil, publish a online course called JSF com Primefaces (in portuguese) and is doing a great success with it. Many people have attended the course.

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29 May 2012, 21:31

Primefaces is authentically wonderful. This development team is much appreciated for me. Thank you very much for our time and our work¡¡¡¡ Thank you¡¡ Thank you¡¡

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Back when I was first getting into JSF, I realized that it was horribly lacking in some areas (like datatable pagination!), so I set out to extend JSF by creating my own component framework. After about 2 weeks in I stumbled upon Icefaces (what a mess that was) and PrimeFaces, and wow. I was amazed right from the beginning. Easy to use, lightweight, very little to configure, themes, growl and being integrated with jQuery were some of the things I loved right away. I don't think I would have even stuck with JSF if it wasn't for PrimeFaces. I just wanted to say a big thank you and keep up the goodwork! JSF would not be what it is today without PrimeFaces.

Jordan Denison

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Prabhat Jha,


After moving from Struts to JSF, I was looking around for a component suite, came across Primefaces, RichFaces and Ice Faces.

On the face of it, Primefaces outscored everyone else, whether it is showcase, userguide or code snippet.

I decided to start using it for my personal project and also for projects in my company. Projects where I have used Primefaces, are complex in nature, used in domains from Finance to Education, I can say for sure that my decision was cent percent correct, primefaces didn't let me down nor I have had any reason to evaluate anything else.

Few reasons which takes Primefaces ahead of others;
  • 1. Founded and developed by people passionate about Primefaces.
    2. Very large and helpful community.
    3. Aggressively developed with amazing support.
    4. JSF Spec team members behind Primefaces.
If you are an architect, developer you should and you must look at Primefaces if you are into JSF, if you don't trust me you are missing out big time.

Thank you Primefaces for coming up with Primefaces.

I wish Primefaces team very best and look forward to the amazing roadshow of Primefaces.

Have a good one!


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05 Jul 2012, 07:34

Thanks for the great feedbacks, we'll put them up on primefaces.org testimonials section.

Your appreciation of our work adds more to our passion!

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Quote from my previous response to this topic:
smithh032772 wrote:Summer 2011 (June/July/August), I informed my family that I want to migrate the custom-built dBase IV / MS-DOS app (that has been used for our small business ever since 1995 after I graduated from college/university) to a (Java) web application, ...

1st or 2nd week of July 2012, my family finally started using the JSF/PrimeFaces web app that I started developing end of Summer 2011. One brother said, 'it is very convenient', because he used to have to remote desktop connect to server and open legacy MS-DOS app to print reports/documents or ask my mother to print reports/documents for him, and then he as well as another brother struggled sometimes to get successful remote desktop connect since we only had 2 CALs (client access licenses). Now, they all can access web app via I.P., and don't have to do the master table update (or synchronize feature i built in the old dBase IV app years ago).

With JSF/PrimeFaces web/mobile app, the sky is the limit to the software that can be written and provided to my family (business). I already provided a few PrimeFaces mobile pages as well, and one brother is using that a lot; it's read-only pages that allow him to browse data in database, which is using the same software that was written for the desktop web app.

Still working to make web pages more user friendly and give my family web app options/features that will make their work/jobs a whole lot easier! After developing a payroll page (PrimeFaces subtable, Driver selectOneMenu with AJAX to update subtable to only show work/jobs per Employee, or show All Employees and their jobs in subtable), my father fell in love with that, and he said, don't change anything about it! In the legacy app, i developed a payroll report that he stopped using years ago... (lol/smiling)

Since they are using JSF/PrimeFaces web app now, i've been daily making updates, bug fixes, enhancements, software updates (PrimeFaces JAR, ...).

I'm still loving JSF/PrimeFaces!!!


Quote from Tablet Implementation topic in PrimeFaces Mobile forum:
My JSF/PrimeFaces app includes the following:
* PrimeFaces JAR
* PrimeFaces Mobile JAR
* xhtml pages for PrimeFaces HTML_BASIC render kit (PrimeFaces JAR)
* xhtml pages for PrimeFaces PRIMEFACES_MOBILE render kit (PrimeFaces Mobile JAR)
* Java JDK7 and Java EE 6 beans/controllers/session/jpa/etc (originally generated by NetBeans 7.0+)

My father has a tablet (iPad) and Google Chome installed (per my instructions/direction), and he prefers to access the HTML_BASIC xhtml pages from his iPad/tablet. His iPad is usually standing like a desktop, and he does not have the need for the entire page to shift when he moves iPad this way and that way.

My brother (along with a few of my other brothers and myself) has Android (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) with Google Chrome Beta installed, and he prefers to use his phone to access the PRIMEFACES_MOBILE xhtml pages. This same brother has an Apple notebook, and he connects to the HTML_BASIC xhtml pages via his Apple notebook via Google Chrome installed on his Apple notebook.

I am quite sure your tablet endusers will be pleased, if their tablet accessed HTML_BASIC xhtml pages. Also, I only saw one issue discussed in PrimeFaces Core forum, where there was an (unresolved) issue with p:dataTable multiple row selection via checkbox, but someone recommended a JavaScript or jQuery fix. You can search PrimeFaces core forum, if you're interested or if you develop HTML_BASIC xhtml pages for your tablet endusers.
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I am Cagdas Eryuksel. I'm computer engineer on Docuart A.S. /Ankara,Turkey. Our project aim is the develop and configure ERP system for government agencies, now Docuart A.S. to be charged me with a duty at the BOTAŞ(The Governmental Institution's Oil and Natural Gas). Previous works on that ERP system provides communication between departments and file options with the authorization. But indeed, we have no idea and no matter how the system become faster and how does this works purely satisfy the customer, at this point there is some over work periods, staff may be to make a concession. On top of all this; GUI is the main problem for our project and off course user-friendly sections should be develop. After all these events, i met PrimeFaces and commonly follow on internet, and concurrently follow the PrimeFaces twitter page, and i watch out the http://www.primefaces.org/showcase page. To sum up, PrimeFaces provides a lot of thing for developing some kind of project like government ERP systems as now we do on BOTAŞ IT Systems. Our project team work on Intellij IDEA and nowadays NetBeans synchronous is purveyed , i talk about a lot of pros. for PrimeFaces, striking facts are easy to common use and satisfy to customer needs like menu bar options, mac style, folder options, TabView - Dynamic Content , Spacer and Terminal, AJAX technologies become more easy to use and do not exhaust your system, its is the most important case and formative years for PrimeFaces i think.

So,i appreciate PrimeFaces team,


and best wishes from Turkey,


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