ConfirmDialog inside form does not closes with update @form

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13 Jan 2012, 09:01

I have a confirmDialog inside a form inside a Dialog.

The confirmDialog fires the bean action and oncomplete should close the confirmDialog first and then the Dialog.

The confirm dialog is not closed and stays on page! If closed with click on x it closes.
Reopening the complete Dialog and performing action which displays the ConfirmDialog now shows the last instance and a new ConfirmDialog in the right bottom corner. (Both seem to be logically connected since with a click on x of one of them both close)

Code: Select all

<p:dialog id="dlg" ppendToBody="true" modal="true" dynamic="true>
		<!-- input fields -->
		<p:commandButton value="open" onclick="#{p:widgetVar('confDlg')}.show();" type="button" update="@form"/>
	<p:confirmDialog id="confDlg" appendToBody="true">
		<p:commandButton value="submit" action="..." oncomplete="#{p:widgetVar('confDlg')}.hide(); #{p:widgetVar('dlg')}.hide();"/>
Without @form it works.
Primefaces: 11.0.0 RC2
Primefaces-Extension: 11.0.0
PrimeFaces-Mobile: 11.0
OmniFaces: 3.11
Jsf: Mojarra 2.3.8
Server: Glassfish 5.1.0

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